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Graphic Novels at HMCPL

A guide to help navigate our extensive graphic novel collection, broken down my genre and format.

DC Branding Imprints

  • One Year Later (2006) - following the events of Infinite Crisis and skipping ahead one year into the future.
  • Brightest Day (2010-2011) - following the aftermath of Blackest Night.
  • New 52 (2011-2016) - following the aftermath of Flashpoint.
  • Rebirth (2016-2017) - A continuation of New 52 incorporating elements of the pre-Flashpoint universe.
  • DC Universe (2018- Present) - the continuation of Rebirth which streamlined all titles in continuity as "DC Universe" and those out of it as just "DC" such as Bombshells and Injustice.

Marvel Branding Imprints

  • Marvel Ultimate (2000-2015) - An alternate universe with updated origins for familiar characters that was eventually destroyed with Miles Morales becoming part of the regular 616 universe.
  • The Initiative (2007-2008) - follows the aftermath of the events of Civil War.
  • Dark Reign (2008-2009) - following the aftermath of Secret Invasion and the rise to power of Norman Osborn's Cabal.
  • Heroic Age (2010-2011) - following the aftermath of Siege.
  • Marvel NOW! (2012-2015) - following the aftermath of the Avengers Vs. X-Men storyline.
  • Marvel NOW! 2.0 (2016-2017) - following the aftermath of Civil War II.
  • All-New All-Different (2015-2019) - featuring the restructured continuity after the events of Secret Wars.
  • Marvel Legacy (2017-2018) - concurrent with All-New All-Different & Marvel NOW! 2.0 featuring a focus on Marvel's core and legacy characters. Long-standing titles switch to original numbering.
  • A Fresh Start (2018 - Present) - featuring characters such as Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, and Bruce Banner assuming their classic super hero identities as well as old characters like the Fantastic Four coming back.



The Justice League versus The Avengers, art by George Perez from JLA/Avengers (Marvel & DC Comics, 2004)

Spotlighting titles in our collection of the super hero genre! Synonymous with comics and graphic novels, this genre is what comes to mind immediately when they're mentioned. Dealing with costumed characters and spanning all the other genres and subjects. In this heading you'll find crime fighters with super powers or not and even villianous rogues. Most iconic super heroes belong to the "big two" publishers- DC (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) and Marvel (Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man).

For mainstream Marvel & DC titles, the imprint of the publisher is noted in parenthesis after the title, i.e. Batman (New 52), to help browse the chronology of the character. For a timeline of imprints from Marvel & DC scroll down below the table of contents to the sidebar.

Scrolling down on the left-hand side will show complete runs of multi-volume series for binge reading

The current imprint for DC is DC Universe and Marvel is A Fresh Start.

♦ Each Letter has tabs for both "Modern" (post 2000), "Vintage" (pre-2000), & Manga when applicable♦

► Looking for more super hero titles? Check out our Young Adult page, which offers a great selection of more teen-centric titles, here.

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