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Graphic Novels at HMCPL

A guide to help navigate our extensive graphic novel collection, broken down my genre and format.

Dark Horse - Origins

Collections of some of the early adventures of the most well known Dark Horse Publishing characters

DC Archives

Hardcover collections of vintage DC (and properties purchased by DC like Fawcett & Charlton) comics from the 1940's to 1960's, showcasing the formative adventures of some of the most well known heroes

DC - A Celebration

Anniversary hardcovers in quarter century intervals (25/50/75) of some of DC's most popular characters with breakdowns of some of their very best stories from throughout the decades. 

DC - Earth One

New origins of familiar characters from an alternate earth.

DC - Origin Stories

Image Comics - Origins

Collections of the early adventures of the most popular characters from Image Comics. 

Marvel Epic Collction

Reprinting some of the most important and influential stories from throughout Marvel's publishing history.

Marvel Essentials

Jumbo 500+ page black and white collections of some of Marvel's most famous titles.

Marvel Masterworks

Reprinting the original first appearances and early adventures of several popular Marvel characters beginning with primarily work from the 1960's.

Marvel Season One

Updated origins of the most well known Marvel characters.

Marvel - Origin Stories

Milestone - Origins