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Graphic Novels at HMCPL

A guide to help navigate our extensive graphic novel collection, broken down my genre and format.

Event Books

Captain America versus Iron Man from Civil War, art by Steve McNiven, Marvel Comics, 2006

Event books are blockbuster storylines that typically span multiple titles at once, either company wife of 'family wide' such as all Avengers or Batman titles. Event books either have their multiple parts spread over multiple titles or have a main limited series with various tie-ins. Below I've listed various event books by title with published in parentheses that are available in the catalog and supplemented by titles available through Hoopla Digital, which you can also access with your library card. 

♦ Digital comics will have "Available on Hoopla" as their Call Number ♦

Absolute Carnage (Marvel Comics - 2020)

Acts of Vengeance (Marvel Comics - 1988-1989)

Atlantis Attacks (Marvel Comics - 1985-1986)

Civil War (Marvel Comics - 2006-2007)

Civil War II (Marvel Comics - 2017)

Crisis on Infinite Earths (DC Comics - 1985-1986)

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths (2023)

Dark Nights Metal (DC Comics - 2017-2018/2020-2021)

Death of Doctor Strange (Marvel Comics - 2021)

Final Crisis (DC Comics - 2009)

Future State (DC - 2021)

House of M (Marvel - 2005)

Infinite Crisis (DC Comics - 2005-2006)

Infinity Gauntlet (Marvel Comics - 1991)

Infinity War (Marvel Comics -1992)

Infinity Crusade (Marvel Comics - 1993)

King In Black (Marvel - 2021)

Secret Invasion (Marvel Comics - 2008)

Secret Wars (Marvel - 2015)