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Young Adult Graphic Novels

Highlighting the young adult graphic novels of the Huntsville Madison County Public Library

Science Fiction

Vegeta from the Dragon Ball Z anime (Toei Animation & Funimation Entertainment, 1990)

Spotlighting titles in our collection dealing with futuristic plots of settings, often showcasing advanced science, parallel universes, time travel and off-world settings with extraterrestrial creatures. The ideas of super heroes first sprang of the pages of science fiction!

For more Star Wars, Doctor Who and Green Lantern, and many more science fiction titles, check out the adult guide here.

Assassination Classroom (Shōnen)

Attack on Titan (Shōnen)

Carole & Tuesday (Seinen)

Chobits (Shōujo)

Cowboy Bepop (Shōnen)

Dimension W (Seinen)

Dragon Ball (Shōnen)

Fullmetal Alchemist (Shōnen)

A Girl Called Echo

Maximum Ride

Neon Genesis Evangelion (Shōnen)

The Reckoners


Spill Zone

Star Wars

Stephen McCranie's Space Boy

Sword Art Online: Progressive

Tenchi Muyo (Shōnen)

We Only Find Them When They're Dead

Graphic Novels

Light Novels

Manga (Shōnen)

Manga (Shōujo)