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Young Adult Graphic Novels

Highlighting the young adult graphic novels of the Huntsville Madison County Public Library

Types of Manga

Shōnen -  titles targeted towards boys which typically have high action and are centered around male leads (with Seinen referring to manga for older teen boys).

Shōujo titles targeted towards girls with focus on relationships and romantic from the female perspective (with Josei referring to manga for older teen girls).

Light Novels - Short novellas are adaptations of serialized work or companion pieces to popular manga or anime, these are text based works with few few if any pictures/panels.




Nezuko from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, art by Koyoharu Gotōge (Viz Media, 2016)

Spotlighting titles in our collection of the Fantasy genre, which typically deals with strange creatures, magic, supernatural occurrences, myths and fairy tales  - although generally shying away from anything too macabre or scientific. Comic books have always drawn heavily in folklore in general and many fantasy books have been successfully adapted into the comics medium.

► For additional titles, be sure to check out our adult guide to fantasy graphic novels here

Alice (Shōujo)

Alice 19th (Shōujo)

Ancient Magus' Bride (Shōujo)

Avatar: The Last Airbender


Beasts of Abigaile (Shōujo)

Beyond the Clouds (Shōnen)

Black Clover (Shōnen)

Blue Exorcist (Shōnen)


The Boy and The Beast (Shōnen)

Children of the Whales (Shōujo)

La Corda d'Oro (Shōujo)

The Demon Prince of Momochi House (Shōujo)

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Shōnen)

The Devil is a Part-Timer (Shōnen)

Dungeons & Dragons

Eniale & Dewiela

Fairy Tail (Shōnen)

Fire Force (Shōnen)

Forbidden Scollery (Shōnen)

From Far Away (Shōujo)

Fushigi Yugi (Shōujo)

The Girl from the Other Side (Shōnen)

Goblin Slayer (Light Novels)

Im: Great Priest Imhotep (Shōnen)

Inu-Yasha (Shōnen)

Kagerou Daze (Josei)

Legend of Korra


Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (Shōnen)

Magic Knight Rayearth (Shōujo)

Merman in My Tub (Shōjo)

Nameless City

Noragami (Shōnen)

One Piece (Shōnen)

Overlord (Shōnen)

Pandora Hearts (Shōnen)

Psychic Academy (Shōnen)

Qwan (Shōnen)

Ran and the Gray World (Seinen)

The Rising of the Shield Hero (Light Novels)

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle (Shōujo)

So I'm a Spider, So What? (Seinen)

Soul Eater (Shōnen)

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts

To Your Eternity (Shōnen)

Tsubasa (Shōujo)

Tsukuyomi: Moon Phase (Shōujo)

Twin Star Exorcists: Onmyoji (Shōnen)

Warriors (Manga)

Witch Hat Atelier (Seinen)

XxxHOLiC (Shōujo)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Shōnen)

Graphic Novels

Manga (Shōnen)

Manga (Shōujo)