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Young Adult Graphic Novels

Highlighting the young adult graphic novels of the Huntsville Madison County Public Library

Types of Manga

Shōnen -  titles targeted towards boys which typically have high action and are centered around male leads (with Seinen referring to manga for older teen boys).

Shōujo titles targeted towards girls with focus on relationships and romantic from the female perspective (with Josei referring to manga for older teen girls).

Light Novels - Short novellas are adaptations of serialized work or companion pieces to popular manga or anime, these are text based works with few few if any pictures/panels.


Complete Series


L from Death Note, art by Takeshi Obata (Viz Entertainment 2005)\

Spotlighting titles in our collection which deal with a detective or professional must solve a crime or other unknown event using their intelligence and observations, this genre is also closely related with crime and often referred to as detective fiction as well.

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Are You Alice? (Josei)

Danganronpa (Shōnen)

Death Note (Shōnen)

Goldie Vance

Gotham Academy

Hatsune Miku: Bad End Night (Shōujo)

Im: Great Priest Imhotep (Shōnen)

Lost Lad London (Shōnen)

Toilet-bound Hanako-kun (Shōnen)

XxxHOLiC (Shōujo)

Graphic Novels

Shonen Manga