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Young Adult Graphic Novels

Highlighting the young adult graphic novels of the Huntsville Madison County Public Library

Historical Fiction


Amir Halgal from A Bride's Story, art by Kaoru Mori (Yen Press 2009)

Spotlighting fictional historical titles in our collection whose plot takes place in a setting located in the past. Some titles are purely historical in nature and offer a window into the past or an alternate history of events that occurred.

► For lots more historical fiction and alternate timelines, be sure to check out our adult guide here.

Ballad of Yaya (Graphic Novel)

Black Butler (Shōnen)

A Bride's Story (Seinen)

Delilah Dirk

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Shōnen)

A Girl Called Echo

Goodbye, My Rose Garden (Yuri)

Requiem of the Rose King (Shōujo)

Graphic Novels