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HMCPL Special Collections: Military Research

HMCPL Special Collections is the community's archive. We empower individuals to seek their past, explore Huntsville and Madison County, and connect with history.

Military Research

If you are interested in whether an ancestor was involved in a war, or you already know that they were, we suggest starting with It is freely accessible at the library, or if you have a library card, you can access it at home.

Military Research Guides

Want to know more about a war? These resource guides will help contextualize your research and offer interesting resources.

The following resources may be particularly helpful to students with a general interest in history or might be looking for a research topic.


We're working on updating these guides! Check back soon.

French and Indian War

American Revolutionary War

War of 1812

Mexican-American War

American Civil War

The Great War (WWI)

World War II

Korean War

Vietnam War