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The 19th Amendment and Women's Suffrage

Start your research on the women's suffrage movement in the United States and Alabama with this resource guide.

Woman Suffrage Resources in the Special Collections Department of the Downtown Huntsville Library

Brief in Behalf of Pending Bills and Constitutional Amendments Seeking to Confer the Right of 

Suffrage Upon the Women of Alabama. (May 1, 1915). [Pamphlet]. Huntsville Manuscripts Collection (2018-70 Box 1, File 7). Special Collections Department, Downtown Huntsville Library, Huntsville, AL.

Hundley addresses Alabama legislators on behalf of the Alabama Equal Suffrage Association.


Minutes of the Equal Suffrage Association of Huntsville Alabama. (1912-1918). [Meeting minutes].

Huntsville Manuscripts Collection (2008-48,Box 1, File 4). Special Collections Department, Downtown Huntsville Library, Huntsville, AL.

The meeting minutes of Huntsville's second suffrage organization provide an insight into the activities and priorities of the group as well as provide lists of group members.


Stanton, E.C., Anthony, S.B. & Gage, M.J. (1887). History of woman suffrage. (Vol. 2-6). Susan B.


This 5 volume set of History of Woman Suffrage was donated by the Huntsville Equal Suffrage League to the public library. It contains annotations and historical mementos.


Suffrage Movement, Voters & Voting, Politics & Government. Huntsville Vertical Files Collection.

[Newspaper clippings]. Special Collections Department, Downtown Huntsville Library, Huntsville, AL.

This is a collection of newspaper clippings and articles relating to the suffrage movement in Huntsville, Alabama.