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School Readiness Skills and Picture Books: Home

This guide identifies some of the most important skills for children to master before entering Kindergarten. Under each skill, you will find a list of picture books to help with your child's learning.

About This LibGuide

Hello readers! Welcome to this LibGuide, "School Readiness Skills and Picture Books." Here, you will find a list of skills for children to master before entering kindergarten. You can help children learn these skills by modeling them, reading educational picture books, and playing games that encourage their learning. 

The kindergarten readiness skills are divided into the following subjects: "colors & arts", "letters", "math skills", and "rhyme." You will find each subject as a separate tab at the top of the guide. Click on the tab for the subject you are interested. This will take you to a new page of the LibGuide, where you will see a checklist of skills related to this subject, as well as a list of highly recommend picture books to help teach these skills. 

Good luck on your learning adventure! 

Ms. Autumn 

Additional Resources

You can learn more about school readiness skills at these trusted websites: 

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2. Scholastic 

3. Get Ready to Read (checklist) 

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