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The United States Government: The Presidency: Online Resources Available Through HMCPL

Overview of resources pertaining to the U.S. Presidency, including websites, videos and books on the evolving Presidency, including works on individual presidents.

Alabama Virtual Library Useful Databases



The following are selected databases and e-books that contain resources relevant to anyone seeking more information on the United States presidents as well as the Executive Branch of the U.S. Government.
History Reference Center

Under 'Browse Subject', the U.S. History link includes many articles devoted to specific U.S. presidents as well as political and social movements, often heavily influenced or initiated by U.S. presidents. These collections of articles include:

  • The Road to the American Revolution (1770-1783)
  • Expansion & Manifest Destiny (1784-1860)
  • Civil War & Reconstruction (1861-1877)
  • Rise of the Industrial U.S. (1878-1913)
  • World War I (1914-1919)
  • Prosperity, Depression & the New Deal (1920-1940)
  • World War II (1941-1945)
  • The Cold War & Societal Change (1945-2000)
  • New Century, New Challenges (2000-present)

Gale Virtual Reference Library

The Gale Virtual Reference Library is comprised encyclopedias and specialized reference sources for multidisciplinary research, including very detailed entries. The History Collection includes useful resources for researching U.S. Presidents including:

American Decades - A Cross-disciplinary source for junior and high school students and teachers, public librarians and general researchers who need to document and analyze periods of contemporary American social history (1900-1999).

Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. History - Provides a broad overview of war throughout American history, with a special emphasis on how war effects, and is affected by, political, economic, and social change in American and global society.


Britannica E-Books (under Elementary School resources)

The American Presidency

The American Presidency. Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc, 2010. PDF.

The American Presidency provides a rich journey through U.S. history. Meet the occupants of the nation's highest office from George Washington to Barack Obama. Each presidential summary includes a detailed biography, the president's signature, his vice president(s), a profile of the first lady, and timelines. Coverage of the presidential election process, the Cabinet, White House, election results, the presidential flag, and the presidential seal history is also included. (Grades 5-12; Reading Level Grade 7)


Britannica E-Books (under High School resources)

The Executive Branch of the Federal Government: Purpose, Process, and People


Duignan, Brian. ed, The Executive Branch of the Federal Government:Purpose, Process, and People. Chicago: Britannica Educational Publishing, 2010. EPUB.
The founders of the Constitution created the office of the President to be the Chief Executive of the United States, as well as an important figure the nation could turn to. This book covers the role and duties of the executive in the office of President, describing how those duties have changed and evolved throughout the history of the United States. There is also plenty of helpful information detailing the complicated election process, from the caucus to the Electoral College, helping to educate a new generation of voters about their impact on electing the next executive officer.




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