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Banned Books: Out-of-Print

A look at banned and challenged books with links to our catalog, including the top ten most challenged books by year. Also featuring graphs, statistics and other information from offical ALA sources and Banned Books Week.

Banned/Challenged VS Ceasing Publication

There has been a lot of heated debate in the news lately about different authors and certain works of theirs being 'cancelled,' but is that really the case? What is the difference between a book being challenged, being banned or the people responsible for the book ceasing publication?

  • Challenged - a formal attempt to remove or restrict materials based upon the objections of a person or group.
  • Banned - If a challenge is successful, the materials in question are removed from the curriculum, library, school, ect.
  • No Longer Published/Out of Print - when an author (or their estate) ceases the publication of certain books due to a number of reasons including problematic material, to create scarcity, changing viewpoints of the creator, among others. As opposed to a challenge, this is an act taken by the owners and/or creators of the books and not outside people or groups.



Examples of Books Pulled by Authors/Estates