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The United States Government: The Presidency: Video Links on the Presidency

Overview of resources pertaining to the U.S. Presidency, including websites, videos and books on the evolving Presidency, including works on individual presidents.

The Presidents - Episode 1

The Presidents Episode 1: 1789-1825


Volume 1 covers the administrations of George Washington through James Monroe, 1789-1825.

The Presidents - Episode 2

The Presidents Episode 2: Adams to Polk 1825-1849

Volume 2 covers the administrations of John Adams through James K. Polk.

The Presidents - Episode 3

The Presidents Episode 3: Taylor to Lincoln 1849-1865

Volume 3 covers the administrations of Zachary Taylor to Abraham Lincoln.

The Presidents - Episode 4

The Presidents Episode 4 - Johnson to Arthur 1865-1985

Volume 4 covers the administrations of Andrew Johnson to Chester Allan Arthur.

The Presidents - Episode 5

The Presidents Volume 5: Cleveland to Taft 1885-1913

Volume 5 covers the administrations of Grover Cleveland to William Howard Taft.

The Presidents - Episode 6

The Presidents Volume 6: Wilson to Roosevelt 1913-1945

This volume covers the administrations of Woodrow Wilson through Franklin Roosevelt.

The Presidents - Episode 7

The Presidents Volume 7: Truman to Ford 1945-1977

This volume covers the administrations of Harry Truman through Gerald Ford.

The Presidents - Episode 8

The Presidents Volume 8: Carter to Bush 1977-2008.

This volume covers the administrations of Jimmy Carter through George W. Bush.

How Does the U.S. Presidential Election Process Work

44 Facts About the U.S. Presidents - Mental Floss

A weekly show where knowledge junkies get their fix of trivia-tastic information. This week, John looks at some interesting facts about each of the U.S. presidencies, and yes, Grover Cleveland gets two facts.