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Reader's Advisory: Humor with a Twist

A look at some of the quirky horror, fantasy and science fiction books with a humorist leaning available in our collection.

Looking for a laugh mixed in with fantasy and horror elements? Something quirky withe a dark sense of humor?

 Check out some of these selections to split your sides...with laughter!

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Dresden Files

Paranormal investigations...reasonable rates!

Finn Fancy Necromancy

A necromancer wrongly imprisoned is finally set free and must save the family business...

Grim Reaper

A normal guy winds up with the powers of Death and must figure out how to save the world...


Some assembly required...

Johannes Cabal

The misadventures of a necromancer of some little infamy... 

John Dies at the End

Huh, you probably shouldn't have touched these books...

A Love Story

Love bites

My Best Friend's Exorcism

The power of the 80's compells you!

My Monster Secert

Actually I am a...


A teenager working as a fast food cook finds out about his magical heritage...

Sin du Jour

A catering company specializing in serving supernatural entities...everything from demons to the Goblin King himself!

Warlock Holmes

A demonic possession is afoot!

Parasol Protectorate

Etiquette is everything...