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Fandom for Families: Share Your Nerdiness with Your Kids!

A geek parent's guide to books to help their children on the right path to embracing their birthright of nerdiness

Raising Your Children Geeky!

So what does it mean?

Just like Huey Lewis and the News said, it's hip to be square. Being nerdy and/or geeky had been a sign of ridicule in the past but in recent times the tables have turned with it being seen as the new cool. Being geeky is a broad brush, it can be a love for comic books, computers, pop culture, pretty much any sort of hobby or interest that you can celebrate!


What does this guide entail then?

This guide will showcase some of our diamonds in the rough, helping you to navigate our wealth of materials to find the best books to introduce your children to the things you love and fuel their imaginations and their own passions! Topics of this guide will include super heroes, pop culture personalities, music, classical literature, nostalgic books from your childhood and more...