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Researching a Local Business: Vertical Files

Getting started with researching a Business in Huntsville and the surrounding area.

Vertical Files

 1. Businesses- 1920's-1990's

 2. Buildings

 3. Business Newspaper Clippings- 1919-1924, 1928-1952- Announcing Openings, Closings and Change in Personnel.

 4. Banks and Banking- 1st National Bank

 5. Brewery

 6. Broadsides- Business Directory-1876

 7. Beter Business Bureau

 8. Chamber of Commerce

 9. Cotton Row

 10. Huntsville History- 1800's to 2000's

  11. Huntsville- Historical Landmarks

  12.  Hotels- Monte Sano, Russel Erskine, Twickenham and Yarbrough

  13. Russel Erskine Scrapbook compiled by Tom Kenny

  14. Newspapers- History-The Huntsville Times- The Huntsville News

   15. Redstone Federal Credit Union

  16.  Shopping Malls

   17.  Stores- 1900's to 1990's

    18. Industry- Chase Nursery

     19. Industry- Dennis Watercress





Subject Guide

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Thomas Hutchens

Vertical Files