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Erik Larson - 2016 Vive le Livre Speaker: Read-Alikes

Overview of the books of Eric Larson, critical commentary, interviews, biographical information and similar works in the genre.

Readalike Authors

Paul Collins
Known as "NPR's literary detective," Paul Collins writes in several nonfiction genres, all flavored by his expertise as a historian. His lively narratives are chocked full of arcane facts, eccentric people, and unusual perspectives on historical moments -- often flavored by his personal love of books and reading. Collins writes with wit and bookish charm, whether relating his young family's move to the Welsh countryside, the influence of Shakespeare's first folio, or historic incidents of murder and folly. Fans of offbeat cultural trivia, historic true crime, and literary topics will love his works. Start with:The Murder of the Century. - NoveList (Full NoveList author description).
Sebastian Junger
Sebastian Junger is a journalist who focuses his book length nonfiction on telling the stories of people (mostly men) as they face dangerous situations head on. Junger does extensive research, and then, using clear pose, focuses on the thrill of the true-life stories he is recounting. These are compelling books. While the reader generally knows the outcome of the tale Junger is telling, by letting the action speak for itself, presenting every angle of the story, and contemplating the larger issues surrounding it, Junger crafts a story that readers cannot seem to resist. Start with: The Perfect Storm. - NoveList  (Full NoveList author description).
Jon Krakauer

Investigative journalist Jon Krakauer is one of the most popular contemporary writers of narrative nonfiction in America. A captivating storyteller, he can craft a page-turning tale about seemingly any subject, be it wilderness survival, mountain climbing, fundamental Mormonism, or military service. The action-packed, high-octane narratives move his stories at a fast clip, though the thought-provoking issues in each book will give readers pause. Fully realized characters populate Krakauer's stories, which are exhaustively researched and presented in an engaging prose style. Start with: Into Thin Air. - NoveList (Full NoveList author description).
Nathaniel Philbrick
Nathaniel Philbrick began as a historian of a decidedly maritime persuasion; he has since branched out. His best-selling nonfiction focuses on stories of adventure, exploration, survival, and tragedy -- from the sinking of a whaleship to Little Big Horn. Philbrick has a gift for describing historical personalities' effects on historical events, and readers enjoy his vivid evocation of both history and geography. His clear narrative style makes for quick, interesting reads. Start with: In the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex (Adults); Revenge of the Whale: The True Story of the Whaleship Essex (Teens). - NoveList (Full NoveList author description).
Simon Winchester
Simon Winchester recreates the storylines of history, uncovering details and characters that may have been lurking in the shadows, all in an attempt to brighten our understanding of the world around us today. A microhistory quality emerges from his focus on specific events and the unique people who create our common human history. He employs dramatic tension with a celebratory and investigative tone conveyed in precise, clear language to bridge the gap between the expert and the layperson. Start with: Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded, August 27, 1883. - NoveList (Full NoveList author description).

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