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History Research Guide - World War II: Home

A guide to the resources available in the library on World War II.

American Troops...

...American troops leap forward to storm a North African Beach... Photographed by James D. Rose Jr., 1944. Courtesy of the National Archivs and Records Administration.

Looking for Lesson Plans?

Here are a few links to lesson plans covering World War II.

New Books

A list of books about World War II which have recently been added to the library. You can find these books in the New Nonfiction section on the 2nd floor to the left of the Adult Services desk.

How to Use this LibGuide

All of the books in this LibGuide are listed in order by subject in order to make viewing them easier. Each battle falls under the theater that covers its location and is in order by the year it started. So if you are looking for the Battle of the Bulge you will find it in Western Europe after D-Day. If you are doing research on a leader then you will find resources about them in their country's page. So if you are looking to write a paper on Hitler you would look under Axis Powers and Germany to find resources about him.

Online resources are grouped by age group, and in some cases by age group and subject - for example in European theater the online resources are in order by battle and then age group.

Archives and Heritage Room books, on the third floor, are separate from the Non-Fiction books on the second floor. Included in this LibGuide are also Juvenile books. Each area's code is like this:

Z - Archives - 3rd floor
HB - Heritage Room - 3rd floor
R - Reference - 2nd floor
B - Biography - 2nd floor
Numbers (973.78 WOO) - Non-Fiction - 2nd floor
J - Juvenile/Young Adult - 1st floor

This guide contains books from our other branches. You can find which branch holds the book by looking at the description. Need to have the book sent to another branch? You can place it on hold. Find out more about this in the library resources tab.

I hope this LibGuide assists you with whatever you need to research about World War II! 


Maybe you've used our Digital Media Zone (DMZ) to look for Fiction but have you ever used them for Non-Fiction? Here is a list of E-books available for download that cover World War II. You may notice that some of these books are also in the library's print collection so if the book you want is checked out, you can always look for it online. The books are separated by the program used to download them. If you've never used our digital downloads before you can find instructions here. *The books here only represent a sampling of titles available through the library's digital collection.

Digital Media Zone(DMZ):






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       Got a Question? Ask Us!