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The Art of Tattooing

Tattooing is a hidden and mysterious art that has been around for years shared by several different civilizations. It is an art unlike none other that I have dissected and would love to reveal to you.


The modern day tattoo machine in detail with each part labeled



Tattoo Ink Displayed in Pictures






Tattoo Power Supply With Additions

Tattoo Needles


Tattoo Equipment Explained

Tattoo Machine- Their are many several different styles of tattoo machines available and some only do certain things. this meaning you have one that can do only lining and you have another that does only shading. Among those two types it is possible to get a combined gun that conquer both feats. The normal average gun is pictured to the side and comes with many parts.

Tattoo Ink- Tattoo ink is the paint to the paint brush. You have several sizes and manufactures along with different properties. Now their are glow in the dark inks, neon inks, sparkle inks, vegan inks and so much more. The main thing is that they are sterile and will not harm unless you have an allergy to the ink....but they have inks to help with allergies too.

Tattoo Power Supply and Additions- Well how does it work you ask? Tattoo machines can not run on their own without a form of power. The power supply pictured to the side has other additions with it.The other additions are your foot pedal to control the amount of power from the power supply to the tattoo machine. The other cables pictured run from the power supply to the tattoo machine to make the machine essentially work. All of these three components are needed to make the tattooing process is possible.

Tattoo Needles- Their are several sizes and kinds of tattoo needles. These are pictured to the side but not all. Needles come in different sizes to help perform different techniques from shading to lining and needles sizes also help with the amount of shading and the width of lines. Having a knowledgeable tattoo artist is a key thing so that they will know how to use their equipment and especially know when to use different kinds of needles. Not using the right type of needle or not using the right size can not only be an issue but also it can cause more pain to the person receiving the tattoo. Another keynote is the packaging. You will see in the side picture how the needles come prepackaged from the manufacturer in a sterile packaging. Do NOT allow anyone to tattoo you or another with used needles this can cause many problems for you or the person being tattooed. Make sure to look over the page on Precautions and safety to learn more.