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Researching Science Fair Projects: Getting Started

This guides provides instructions and links to library and online resources helpful for students working on science fair projects for grades 3-9.

Project Books in the Library

Below are examples of books in the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library collection which include ideas and instructions for science fair projects and experiments.

Search for Library Books

Click on these topics below to search the HMCPL catalog for project books on your topics.

Choosing a Topic

Science BuddiesScience Buddies, a nonprofit educational website, provides an interactive Topic Selection wizard. Users enter simple criteria: when the project is due, grade level, and scientific discipline. The wizard provides a list of ideas.

You may also search the Project Ideas Library by keyword or browse by topic.

The Scientific Method

What are the steps in the scientific method? The scientific method has six steps:

  • Step 1: State a problem or ask a question.
  • Step 2: Gather background information.
  • Step 3: Form a hypothesis.
  • Step 4: Design and perform an experiment.
  • Step 5: Draw a conclusion.
  • Step 6: Report the results.

Scientific Method glossary from "Experiment Central"

Scientific Method - Detailed Explanation

"Scientific Method" from

Experiment Central: Understanding Scientific Principles Through Projects. M. Rae Nelson. Ed. Kristine Krapp. Vol. 5. 2nd ed. Detroit: UXL, 2010. p1005-1009. [Accessible from the Gale Virtual Reference Library in "My Digital Library."]