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Find a Doctor: Research Your Physician!

Need a Doctor?

"Need a Terrific Doctor?"

article by Kate Lowenstein

Health, March, 2012: page 75

The article discusses how to find the right primary care physician (PCP), nurse practitioner (NP) or physician assistant (PA) for one's family. According to "You Bet Your Life: The Ten Mistakes Every Patient Makes" author Trisha Torrey, having a regular doctor is important because it is a requirement for majority of insurance plans. It presents several steps in finding the right doctor, including consulting one's social network and verifying his/her credentials.

The full-text of this article is available for Alabama residents free of charge through the Alabama Virtual Library.

Local Medical Centers

If a doctor is on staff (or has admitting privileges) at a local hospital, the websites below will have some background on the physician.

Physician Information

The free online directories below provide background information on physicians across the country.

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