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Finding Crime Statistics: Local Crime Statistics

How to locate crime statistics at the local, state, national, and international level.

City Statistics


County Statistics - Crime in Alabama Dashboards

The Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center provides easy access to 2009 and 2010 County level statistics through the "Dashboard" feature.

Go to the following URL:

  1. Select "2010 Arrests by County."
  2. Wait a moment for the dashboard to load.
  3. Select "Madison" county from the list on the left.
  4. You will receive an arrest total for the county and some demographics on the arrestees.

To get statistics broken down by type of crime,

  1. Select the "Arrest Details" tab.
  2. Select "Madison" under "Choose New County."
  3. Select a crime from the list on the left.
  4. You will receive a county total for that crime and some demographics on the arrestees.

from the ACJIC website

Searching Local News for Crime Statistics

The Huntsville Times regularly reports trends in criminal activity. Articles include quantitative data as well as some analysis and commentary.


You may search and find articles from the last few years. Usually the larger articles fall towards the end of December or in early January to reflect on patterns for the year. An analysis of homicides in 2011 appeared in the Monday, January 2, Huntsville Times, on page A1: "Fewer Killings with 3 That Could Face the Death Penalty, 3 Remain Unsolved" by Brian Lawson.

Huntsville Times Archives

You may also search the Huntsville Times archive online. Indexing covers 11/1/1991 forward. You may search by keyword, and the results will include the first sentence of the article. You may pay $2.95 online for the full-text of the article. Or, you may visit the Heritage Room on the 3rd floor of the Main Library to view and print the article on the microfilm.

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