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Pokemon Go at HMCPL: Pokemon Go at HMCPL

A resource for Pokemon Go and your library!

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Pokemon? What's That?

Pokemon, or pocket monsters, are creatures of all different shapes and sizes that populate the world just like real world animals. They are classified under various 'types' such as fire, water, electric, ghost, ect. These types are strong against certain types and weak against others (A fire type is strong against a grass type, but weak against a water type). Each Pokemon can learn special moves related to their species as well and most can even evolve into new more powerful forms!


Pokemon Go

What is Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is a free mobile app that allows you to find and catch pokemon in the real world through your phone! Using augmented reality, Pokemon will appear around you through your phone's camera, allowing you to catch them. DIfferent Pokemon will appear at different types of locations and different times of day, the game also utilitizes GPS to provide maps and paths for your journey and encourages you to get out in the world, exercise and enjoy interesting places in your community.

What does this have to do with the library?

A big part of the game encourages players to get out in their communties and explore! To encourage this, two of the main features of the game are Pokestops and Gyms. Pokestops are buildings where players to go to and recieve free items such as pokeballs (to catch Pokemon), potions (to heal Pokemon), Pokemon eggs (which are hatched by walking a set number of kilometers), and more! Gyms are places where trainers can go to battle for the glory of their team, taking a gym will even put a player's avatar and name along with their Pokemon of choice on display to other players! Pokestops and Gyms are usually historical or civic buildings, or other places of your library!

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