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The Art of Tattooing: What Is A Tattoo?

Tattooing is a hidden and mysterious art that has been around for years shared by several different civilizations. It is an art unlike none other that I have dissected and would love to reveal to you.

What is a tattoo?


To make on the skin with pricking and staining with non- fading or non-removable colors. However certain measures can now be taken to surgically remove tattoos.

Tattoo Media

Listed Books on the art of Tattoos

Here listed are items from the Huntsville- Madison County Public Library catalog on the art of tattooing.



   Tattoos have been around for many years and centuries. Now they are classified as a modern body art which is common in today's society. Tattoos, mainly the ones that had upon them tattoos, used to be stereotyped and condemned in the workplace and in society alone. However as time went on we as people have opened ourselves up to the odd, un-natural and so called weird trends. It is not not uncommon to have your modern nurse or lawyer with tattoos, it just another trend of our society.

   Tattoos have for may years been regarded as a dangerous attempt for attention driven by creativity. Dangerous they say? Well with the vast amount of technological advancements the ability to get "inked" as they say is the safest now more than ever before. However it is still unsafe to receive a tattoo from anyone not licensed or qualified and by no means am I encouraging one to go receive a tattoo either. Their are several precautions that still need to be made because the art of tattooing is done by man and man is not perfect.

By: Amber Hockenbury