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Helpful Health and Medical Sites on the Web: Home

A basic list of useful web-based health sites to research a variety of medical topics


Helpful health Websites


Medline Plus
Probably the best first step in finding reliable and usable health information on the web. A service of the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, Medline Plus links consumers to over 18,000 sources of accurate and up to date information on health-related topics. Users can find information on current health topics, drugs and supplements, the latest treatments, as well as a directory of doctors, dentists and other health professionals.

U.S. Food & Drug Administration
The purpose of the US Food and Drug Administration is to protect the health of the public by overseeing and regulating drugs, food, cosmetics, medical devices, radiation emitting products, and tobacco products. The FDA website is a great source of information on a variety of health and safety related topics, including the proper use of drugs, possible food-drug interactions, product and drug recalls, and deciphering food nutrition labels.

RX List
RxList has information on prescription and non-prescription drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Through this site, users can find detailed information on any drug as well including uses, efficacy, side effects, and possible interactions. There is a pill-identifier function that allows users to identify an unknown pill by searching its size, shape, color and imprints. Also included in this site are a medical dictionary, slide shows about different diseases and conditions, as well as articles on a variety of health-related topics.

Kids Health
Kids Health is a website directed at parents, children and teens with information about the health and well-being of children and teens, presented in a way that is both informative and easy to understand. Kids Health is run by the Nemours Foundation’s Center for Children’s Health. At this site, users can find up to date information about childhood development, common childhood and adolescent ailments, nutrition for the various stages of development, fitness, and preventative health care for teens and children.

AMA Doctor Finder
The American Medical Association Doctor Finder is a database offering users access to information on almost every licensed health professional in the United States. Users can search by physician name, specialty, or region. Some of the types of information users can find here are telephone numbers and addresses as well as basic professional data like universities attended, degrees awarded, and board certifications, type of practice, and hospital admitting privileges.

Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials is a registry of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in the United States and around the world. The website gives you information about a trial's purpose, who may participate, locations, and phone numbers for more details.