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eBooks at Huntsville-Madison County Public Library: Checking Out Ebooks at the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library

Your source for eBooks on HMCPL's Digital Media Zone, using e-readers, and more!

What is the Digital Media Zone?

The Digital Media Zone is the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library's place for patrons to go to browse and check out eBooks and audiobooks - for free!

Browse through over 1500 audiobook titles and more than 1600 eBook titles. Virtually all eBook titles are compatible with the Kindle and Nook E-Readers.

What Do I Need?

In order to check out ebooks from HMCPL, you will need your 14-digit library card number and 4-digit PIN.

·     Not yet a member? Visit any of our branches to sign up.

·     Do you have a card but it doesn't work? Visit or call any of our branches for help.

·     Once you have your card number, log in to the DMZ!


Other Frequently Asked Questions

How often are titles added to the DMZ?

HMCPL orders new content for the DMZ every other Friday. We also have 2 partnering libraries (Oneonta Public Library and Guntersville Public Library) that buy titles, but since they are smaller with smaller budgets, it might not be as often.


What sorts of titles will I see in the collection?

Taking into consideration patron demand and our budget (not large) you will see mostly bestsellers (fiction and nonfiction), plus a lot of mystery, thriller, and romance titles. But we will add other genres as we see demand, and hopefully as we get more money!


Can we check out the other libraries’ content?

Yes, we are set up so we can check out their materials and their patrons can check out ours. It’s all together.


Why don’t I see some certain titles that are on the bestseller list as downloads, or as audiobook but not eBook?

Certain publishers at this time have delayed their decision on whether or not they will offer digital downloads for purchase by libraries. There has been a lot of back and forth between the library and publishing worlds, but the upshot is that there are some titles we simply don’t have access to, as much as we want them. Or, sometimes the audiobook version of a title will be made available weeks or months before it is available in eBook format. Sometimes a publisher will have made titles available, and then will inform libraries that any further purchases will not be available to them, or they have changed their business model. One example is HarperCollins, a major publisher of many popular titles. HarperCollins decided it would be better for them if libraries were allowed only 26 downloads of a purchased eBook, and once that limit had been reached, the library would have to repurchase it to make it available to patrons again. As most libraries have tight budgets to begin with, many of these decisions have been unpopular and have unfortunately limited certain offerings to patrons.


Why are there not more titles available to check out?

We have been building our eBook collection for about two years, but our budget for eBooks is still quite small compared to our budget for regular books. We do add titles frequently though, so keep checking back!


Can I donate an eBook?

We gratefully accept any financial contributions to our downloadable fund! A minimum contribution of $250 will create a special shelf of books on the DMZ with the name of the donor or honoree. Contact the Huntsville Library Foundation for more information.


How can I check and see what titles are available for possible purchases? Where do I make a recommendation?

will let you browse what titles our vendor offers. If you see something we don’t have that you would like to suggest, you can do it through our request form at or just e-mail Annie Phillips directly at