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LearningQUEST: The LearningQUEST Website

An overview of LearningQUEST, an organization that provides programs that promote lifelong learning.

LearningQUEST Programs

LearningQUEST offers programs for adults of all ages. Topics are varied and fall in a wide range of subject areas. Programs are generally held in the Main Library meeting facilities. Some off-site locations are used when needed. There are two terms each year:

Spring (January – June) and Fall (July – December)

Each term begins with a Rally Day which is open to the public. The program catalog will be available and members will have an opportunity to explore courses and trips being offered, as well as to register for their choice of programs.

Term Courses require payment of a $30 course fee and a completed Course Registration Form. Payment of the course fee allows a member to register for as many courses as desired during that term, as long as the course is not at capacity. A course is closed when the maximum number of registrants is reached. There may be an additional materials cost for some courses.

Computer Classes are offered in cooperation with the Huntsville Madison County Public Library and do not require payment of the course fee. To enroll in one or more of these courses, members should complete and submit the Course Registration Form.

Trips planned for LearningQUEST members require reservations and may have an additional cost.

Special Interest Groups allow members to pursue common interests. No term fee is required to participate. These Special Interest Groups are available to LearningQUEST members.

Public Programs are open to the community at large. Normally these are single lectures on topics of interest to our members and the general public.

Details of our programs are available in the catalog. The opinions and views expressed by presenters of LearningQUEST courses are solely those of the presenters and do not necessarily represent the views of the LearningQUEST organization or its Board. We have a policy which places constraints on sales and solicitations at LearningQUEST programs.

From; accessed December 14, 2017.

LearningQUEST Volunteers

LearningQUEST runs on volunteers

We have something for everyone. No matter how much or how little time you have, what your talents are, or where your interests lie, LearningQUEST has a need you can fill. It will be fun, rewarding in more ways than you can imagine, and a true service to your fellow members and the wider community.

What are you waiting for? Add your name to our Volunteer pool by using the new online form or by downloading and mailing in the Volunteer Form.


LearningQUEST Calendar

LearningQUEST calendar

The calendar includes the current month of events and classes and is navigable to previous months as well as future months.

From; accessed December 18, 2017.

LearningQUEST Forms



For quick reference, all forms used by LearningQUEST can be accessed from here.

LearningQUEST depends heavily on the ideas and support of its members. In order to provide classes and other activities each term, the Program Development Committee actively solicits proposals and suggestions from the membership.


From; accessed December 18, 2017.

LearningQUEST Online Services

Coming soon for your convenience:

LearningQUEST online services to allow you to join, renew, register for courses and pay using your PayPal account or credit card.


From; accessed December 18, 2017.

LearningQUEST About Us - CONTACT Info


Contact Us


Hours: Tuesdays, 10:00 am until Noon, and Thursdays, 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm
Located in the Main Library, 2nd Floor, left of the Reference Desk

By phone:

Call 256.529.8695 (leave a message – your call will be returned)

By mail:

P.O. Box 2387
Huntsville, AL 35804

By email:

To report volunteer hours:
Hiking Special Interest Group:
Website administrator:

LearningQUEST About Us - Boards & Committees

LearningQUEST 2018 Board of Directors:

Larry West, President
Larry Tubbs, Vice President
June Norton, Secretary
Jan Wardlaw, Treasurer
Joyce Howell, Past President
Shobha Bhat
Anita Cole
Susan Herring
Bill McClure
Bob North
John Ofenloch
Mary Beth Walker
Lisa Parker, Operations Manager
Laurel Best, HMCPL Executive Director

Board Committees:

Governance holds governance oversight duties necessary to ensure effective operation of LearningQUEST and monitors the performance of all Board committees, ensuring their activities fulfill the organization’s Mission and Global Ends Policies.
Contact: Larry Tubbs.

Finance is responsible for monitoring the financial health of the organization, safeguarding the organization’s financial resources, and providing an appropriate level of fiduciary oversight of financial and accounting activities.
Contact: Bob North.

Development is responsible for overall organizational development toward achieving the Global Ends Policies. Responsibilities include strategic planning, succession planning, fundraising, and Board training.
Contact: John Ofenloch.

Operations Committees:

Audio-Visual is responsible for acquisition and support of the audio-visual requirements of the organization.

Catalog is responsible for the design and production of the LearningQUEST catalog of courses and programs each term. This includes editing, typesetting, layout, and final preparation for printing.

Communications is responsible for all publicity and publication efforts, assuring proper branding of LearningQUEST’s name and message. Efforts include website development and maintenance, public service announcements, photography, public relations efforts, local event calendars, Facebook, E-News, and window displays.

Database Infrastructure is responsible for development, management, and internal support of the data infrastructure for LearningQUEST which includes the online registration system and various data output reports (in the form of spreadsheets) used by other committees.

Hospitality maintains coffee supplies for LearningQUEST functions as well as providing decorations, set-up, refreshments, and clean-up for special events including both Rally Days and the Annual Meeting.

Membership is responsible for membership and volunteer recruitment and tracking, supporting the LearningQUEST office and providing Member Enrichment Events.

Program Development (PDC) is responsible for the selection, implementation, and evaluation of all LearningQUEST programs. Members meet and work together on the committee’s many task areas which include identifying, planning, and coordinating our programs.
Contact: George & Stephanie Hanna.





From; accessed December 18, 2017.

LearningQUEST About Us - Newsletter Guidelines


Newsletter Guidelines

Who can submit an article to the Newsletter:

  • LQ Board members and committee chairs
  • Coordinators of programs listed in the catalog
  • Member Enrichment Event (MEE) leads
  • HMCPL representative (currently Ann Marie Martin)

When should it be submitted to

  • before Wednesday noon each week in order to be included in that week’s edition.
  • If this target is not met, there are no guarantees that the article will be included in that week’s newsletter.

What about content:

  • Each article should be limited to 70 words except in exceptional circumstances. Important information should also be posted on our website or web server, making it easy to support a “More information” hot link where complete details are available.
  • Article content should be in a form that can be easily pasted into the newsletter. For example, do not send this request: “Please add an article reminding everyone about the xxx event”
    Instead, send this: Please add – “Reminder: Don’t forget the xxx event on Monday, June 16th, 9-11AM at the Main Library, Room AB”.
  • Articles should not use the shortened “LQ”, instead use the official name “LearningQUEST.”
  • Avoid use of first person.
  • Avoid underlining since in electronic communications, it is reserved for 
hyperlinks (e.g. email, web links).
  • Should generally include contact information in case there are questions.
  • Articles will not be repeated from week to week unless an explicit request 
is sent. Generally, a new article should be received (and varied a bit) each 
week to help assure that it will be read.
  • Suggested graphics may be submitted with the input. However, the 
submitter MUST verify that we have permission to use the photo in our newsletter.

Download a copy of the Newsletter Guidelines.

From; accessed December 18, 2017.

LearningQUEST About Us - MEE Guidelines


MEE Guidelines

LearningQUEST’s Member Enrichment Events (MEEs) are casual, primarily short term, mostly small group, local events available to all members. They are publicized on LearningQUEST’s electronic bulletin. These events do not require submission of formal program descriptions or board approval.

MEE Vision Statement: Learning and fellowship for more people in more places.


  • Members are invited to submit plans for an event to the MEEs committee no later than Friday preceding the event and no sooner than three weeks prior to the event.
  • A description of the proposed event should be 70 words or less and should include the date, time, place, cost if applicable, name and contact information of the person submitting the event.
  • The committee reserves the right to edit the event description.
  • Examples of types of events: art, music and theater events; sporting events; lectures, nature tours; parades; ethnic, cultural, and community celebrations; holiday festivities.

MEEs are usually one-time activities, or with summer outdoor concerts and workshops, they could be on-going during a specific time period. The committee will have LearningQUEST signs available for events so that members can easily find the group in a crowd.

The Committee seeks to make sure the proposed event is aligned with the LearningQUEST mission and does not conflict in a major way with other LearningQUEST programs. Expenses are the participants’ responsibility. MEE’s fellowship is not intended as a way to promote fundraising for other organizations.

Examples of MEEs events held to date:

  • Reading by Billy Collins, US Poet Laureate, at the Jackson Center sponsored by Calhoun (no admission charge)
  • Holiday Concert at Randolph School (no admission charge)
  • Docent led tours of specific exhibits at the Huntsville Museum of Art (admission charge)
  • UAH Theatre Performance (admission charge – discounted)
  • UAH Ice Hockey Game (admission charge – discounted)
  • Lunch and tour of Lowe Mill (no admission charge for tour, Dutch treat lunch)

The MEEs committee meets on an as-needed basis. We develop, review, publicize, coordinate and attend events. This is a perfect volunteer opportunity for LearningQUEST members who have good community connections and knowledge about local events and thrive on one-time or shortterm special activities.

Join in the fun. If you have ideas or want to assist with MEE’s, please contact Linda McGuiness.

Download the MEE Guidelines.

From; accessed December 18, 2017.