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Homelessness Resources: Homelessness Videos

A research guide that presents the various organizations, print materials, and websites that may help the homeless.

10 Minutes: Homelessness in America

According to the recent 2016 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress on a single night in 2016, over half a million people were experiencing homelessness in the United States of America.

The Working Poor and Homeless in the USA

This is a story on the working poor and homeless in the USA. This story went to air on the 4 Corners program ABC TV 13th of March 2017.

ON THE STREETS -- a feature documentary on homelessness in L.A.

'On the Streets' is a 12-part video series about homelessness in Los Angeles. Journalist and filmmaker Lisa Biagiotti tackles this complex issue by putting faces to the statistics. She starts by following The L.A.Times' homeless data map, and sets out to have conversations with people who do not have homes. Since October, Biagiotti has been learning about their varied experiences and connecting their stories to larger issues. Along the way, she gains input and insights from Angelenos. The series concept is to build a dynamic documentary scene-by-scene with our audience. Thank you for participating and helping us tell this story. ON THE STREETS

Homeless in America Documentary 2017 - WASTED LIVES OF THE HOMELESS

What Happens When Cities Make Homelessness a Crime: Hiding The Homeless

A growing number of American cities are ticketing or arresting homeless people for essentially being homeless. The new laws ban behavior commonly associated with homelessness like reclining in public, sharing food or sitting on a sidewalk. Supporters argue these measures are necessary to push homeless people into the shelter system and maintain public safety. Critics say the laws violate the rights of homeless people and ignore the more complicated drivers of homelessness like mental illness. We found homeless people camping in the woods to escape police harassment, a homelessness consultant opposed to feeding homeless people and a city that uses solitary confinement to force homeless people into shelters. VICE News began its investigation in Boise, ID, where a group of homeless people have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of these laws. Their case could change the way homeless people are treated across the country.

SHELTER (Full Length Documentary)

For video updates from the young people and staff featured in the film - and to learn how you can help - visit From the team behind the Peabody Award winning Last Chance High, comes SHELTER: a feature length documentary following a year in the life of homeless youth in New Orleans.

US homeless population grows for first time in seven years

The U.S. homeless population has risen for the first time since 2010. According to a government study, there are now more than 550,000 homeless people across the country. Their plight gets extra attention this time of year, as the homeless prepare for winter across the northern part of the country. CGTN's Dan Williams reports.

Homeless In Orlando Florida: The Darkside Of Dizneyworld! - The LanceScurv Show

LanceScurv takes his camera to the area of the Homeless Shelter in Orlando Florida to chat with those who have literally been forgotten. While many of us live in relative luxury in comparison to these distressed human beings, the courage that many of them have as they share their stories will literally put those of us who never had this obstacle to surmount to shame. Listen, watch and understand how blessed that you really are.