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Required Summer Reading 2017 : Randolph

Required summer reading lists of Huntsville City and surrounding schools for the 2017-2018 school year. Schools include: Huntsville City, Madison City, Madison County, etc. *Additional school lists not already included will be added when available.*

6th Grade Requirements

One Non-fiction book of your choice AND any two books of your choice.

For your two books, fill out a chart giving the name of book, author, and have it signed/pledged by you and a parent that you finished the book and have not read it before. Turn in on the first school day.

For your non-fiction book, fill out the thinking routine: Circle-Square-Triangle. Square-What are you square with? What did you learn that you understand well and could even teach to someone else? Triangle-What are the main three points of the book?  Circle-What questions do you still have swirling around in your mind? What does the book make you wonder about? (Include at least three questions)

7th Grade Requirements

In addition to the selected title below, read any two books written by the same author. Make sure you enjoy the author you chose. Be prepared to complete a writing assignment about the author's works. You do not have to bring the books to class.

8th Grade Requirements

  • Any American Revolutionary War time period book from the Randolph libguide and visible Thinking routine: 4Cs.
  • Any two books of your choice
  • Bring your American Revolutionary War book and your 4Cs to class on the first day.

Upper School: Grades 9-12 Requirements

Randolph Middle School Libguide

Randolph Upper School Libguide