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Gale Virtual Reference Library: Gale Virtual Reference Books in the HMCPL Collection

Research guide describing Gale Virtual Reference Library. GVRL is an online collection of encyclopdedias and specialized reference sources intended for interdisciplinary research.

Gale Virtual Reference Library at HMCPL

How to access the Gale Virtual Reference Library on the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library website:

Go to

Hold your cursor over the 'Research' tab and click on 'Online Resources' from the pulldown below the tab.

From the 'Resource Collections' on the next screen, click on 'A-Z'.

Click on the letter 'G'.

From the list of databases beginning with the letter 'G', click on 'Gale Virtual Reference Library'.

On the next screen click on the link beside 'How to access this resource:'

Click 'Proceed' from the next screen.

You will be taken to this link:


You will see reference books grouped into the following categories: Arts, Business, Education, Environment, General Reference, History, Law, Literature, Medicine, Multicultural Studies, Nation and World, Science, Social Science and Technology. You can click the 'View All' tab on each of these categories to expand the display to include all of the GVRL books that the Huntsville Public Library holds. You can also click on any of these categories from the vertical list to the right of the screen to see all the books available in a particular category.

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