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History Research Guide - World War II: The Homefront

A guide to the resources available in the library on World War II.

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Possible Topics

Here are some topic questions to help you get started on your paper.

World War II had a definite impact on homefronts throughout the war. Compare and contrast the British homefront with the American homefront. What differences were there in Germany's homefront compared to Japan? The United States? Great Britain? Russia? France? What similarities did these various countries share in their war policies at home? How did each country deal with bombing raids? Supply shortages? War unrest? Refugees? What was life like for neutral countries? How did the war affect them?

The American people responded to the war in various ways. What cuts did people make at home to help the war effort? How did the government enforce necessary cuts? What laws did the government pass and what impact did they have? How did the war develop transportation policies? What impact did the war have on economic policy?

What did the homefront look like before, during, and after the war? What can we learn from photographs of the time period? What information can we glean from letters sent to soldiers? What can love letters tell us about gender and family roles? What differences were there in gender and family roles between Great Britain and America? Or between any of the other countries involved in the war? What do these documents tell us about the people at home? The soldiers fighting?

Children of an Eastern Suburb of London

Children from an Eastern Suburb of London
Children from an Eastern Suburb of London... September 1940. Courtesy of the U.S. National Archives and Records Administration.

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