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History Research Guide - World War II: Homework Alabama

A guide to the resources available in the library on World War II.

Homework Alabama

Homework Alabama is a great website that provides you with study resources, tutorials, and even offers a live tutor for you to get help from. You can find out more about Homework Alabama on our Libguide which is linked below. When researching American wars like the French and Indian war you'll want to follow the directions below.

To get to Homework Alabama you'll want to go to the library webpage.

In the Online Resources section, click the Elementary tab and scroll down to Homework Alabama. Just click on the link to enter the site.

Once you reach Homework Alabama you can access a tutor when they're available or check out their resources by clicking the K-College button below.

If a tutor is not available you can always study using the resources provided below.

In the Study Resources you'll need to pick a subject, a education level, and subtopic like so...

When you've done that options will pop up below with websites and flashcards for you to look at. 

And that is how you can use Homework Alabama to help you with your homework.