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Jon Meacham: Read-Alikes

Research guide that explores the work of Jon Meacham


NoveList Description for Jon Meacham:

"Personal detail, historical accuracy, and monumental events are what make Jon Meacham's well-researched books immensely readable. Whether writing about the Founding Fathers of America, World War II, or the Civil Rights Movement, he uses relationships to illuminate personalities and events to highlight the social situation. In doing so, he brings people and events to life." NoveList (Full NoveList entry for Jon Meacham).


Read-Alike Authors

 Doris Kearns Goodwin

"The meticulous research Doris Kearns Goodwin conducts to present her non-fiction political portraits results in highly engaging, believable and very human portraits of some of America's most recognizable names: Johnson, Lincoln, Kennedy, and Roosevelt. While Goodwin covers some familiar ground, her tilling of the historical landscape produces accounts with fresh perspective and the depiction of complex personal relationships, such as that of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: Start with: No Ordinary Time: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt: The Home Front in World War II." - NoveList (Full NoveList entry for Doris Kearns Goodwin).

David G. McCullough

"David McCullough is well known for an addictive mix of popular and social history. He writes both biographies and histories, but because he is so adept at blending character and story, all of his works end up as a merging of both. McCullough bring past events to life for readers now: his histories are inviting, meticulously researched, and superbly crafted. Vignettes illustrate wider points, making epic events understandable on an individual scale. His explorations of Presidents, pivotal moments, and nation building are both widely respected and widely read. Start with: 1776." - NoveList (Full NoveList entry for David McCullough).


Joseph J. Ellis

"American history scholar Joseph J. Ellis breathes new life into the well-trodden era of the American Revolution and its familiar cast of characters. Keeping the perspective of how Founding Fathers such as Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin were perceived during their day, Ellis manages to combine that earlier interpretation with an unsentimental yet modern approach to reviewing their lives and the events in which they participated. The result is eminently readable and insightful history. Start with: Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation." - NoveList (Full NoveList entry for Joseph J. Ellis).





Following are books available through either the Main Library or one or more branches of the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library that cover similar subject matter as Jon Meacham's books.