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Digital Downloads: Axis 360

How to browse and download ebooks, audiobooks, music, and videos

Getting Started

You will find Axis 360 on "My Digital Library" page of HMCPL's website (

You can browse through the "Magic Wall" without logging in, but to create a list, checkout, or download books, just use your Library Card and PIN on the Axis 360 page or within Blio.

Browse our Axis 360 collection of ebooks, then read them using the innovative and state-of-the-art Blio reader on phones, tablets, music players, and more.

Ebook Formats

The ebook titles in Axis 360 come in two formats: Adobe (EPub and PDF) and Blio.  Click on the "Get the App" button on the left side menu.

Download the App that you need – Blio for Blio titles, or Adobe Digital Editions for EPub & PDF for e-reader devices including – Sony Reader, Nook, Kobo and others e-reader devices.

How to Checkout

The Checkout List is the cart into which you add items of interest and store them temporarily until you are ready to check out. You can think of it as having pulled titles off the library shelves so that no one else can take them while you continue to browse and make your way to the check out desk.

Titles will remain in the Checkout List for 15 minutes. If you have not checked out the items on your Checkout List within that time, the items will be returned to the collection for use by other patrons.

Items in the Checkout List are waiting to be checked out.  Until the Confirm Checkout button is clicked the title is not checked out. There are other actions that you can take from the Checkout List:

Remove From Checkout List         Click this button to remove a title from the Checkout List. There is no confirmation, once you click the button, the action is done, and the back button does not restore it.

Add To Wishlist  If you want to put a title on your Wish List for future checkout, you can click the Add to Wishlist button under the selected title. Note that adding a title to your Wishlist does not remove it from your Checkout List. If you want to also remove the item from your Checkout List, click the Remove from Checkout List button.

Lending Period Contol  The blue bar below each title is the lending period control slider. The lending period control slider allows you to reduce the number of days of your checkout period from the library’s standard loan period. To reduce the loan period, click on the slider and drag to the left. The display at the right edge of the slider will show the corresponding number of days selected as you drag the slider. At checkout, the number of days selected will determine when the loan will expire and when the title will return to the collection for another user.  

 To complete checking out your titles, click the green Confirm Checkout button at the bottom of the Checkout List page.     

Items On Loan

The Items on Loan list is where a user may view the complete list of titles they have checked out from the library currently, and see the due dates and time remaining for each item. To view Items on Loan you must be logged into the system with your library card number and PIN. During the active checkout period you may access your borrowed titles on up to five different devices simultaneously. When a title’s checkout period expires, it will automatically be removed from the Items on Loan list and the title file will become inactive on your reading device(s). Your borrowed copy of the title is automatically returned to the library’s collection at the end of the checkout period.


  Click the My Lists link at the top right of the any page. On the My Lists page, in the left-hand pane, select Items on Loan. This brings the Items on Loan list into the main viewing section of the page, along with individual title detail. The upper right corner of the gray section of the screen will also now be displaying the number of titles in your Items on Loan list.


Sometimes a book that you are interested to borrow may not be available. If all of the copies of a title owned by the library are checked out to other users, you may place a Hold on that title. Placing a Hold will reserve a copy for you when it next becomes available. If there are users who have placed a hold on an item ahead of you, you will be shown how many users are ahead of you in the holds queue.

Placing a Hold

When you mouse over a title for which there are no copies currently available, you will be presented with an action button to place a hold.  If you elect to place a hold on an item, you will be prompted to verify the email address you provided when you created you user account. This address will be used to send a notification email when a copy becomes available for you. After verifying the email address, your hold will be confirmed. The notification email you receive will inform you that a copy of the book you requested is now available and will be held for you for three days. If you do not check out the item within the time period set by the library, the copy that was being held for you will be released for the next person in the holds queue, and that person will receive a notification email. 

Removing a Hold

When you have placed any items on hold, you have the option to remove them from your holds queue at any time. This action can be performed from any page that displays action buttons for the title you wish to remove from your holds queue. From the Holds Queue list view, to remove the hold from a title click on the corresponding button.  When you are on the Magic Wall and mouse over a title that you have on hold, you can remove the hold by clicking on the corresponding action button.

The "Magic Wall"

The Magic Wall showcases the digital titles owned by HMCPL. The Magic Wall may be accessed by selecting the Magic Wall tab in the main horizontal navigation menu at the top of the page, alongside the Browse by Subject tab and the Search box. The Magic Wall displays 36 titles, and every few seconds one of the titles spins around to display another title in the library’s collection. The titles featured on the Magic Wall are the most popular titles in your library at that time.

On the left menu you can click on "Fiction", "Non-Fiction", and "Children and Teens".  Each of these refresh the Magic Wall to display ebooks in the chosen collection.

Collection View options along the top of the title display area control the selection of titles that display on the Magic Wall based upon title activity within the library’s collection. There are four Collection Views:

Most Popular                  (The library’s most frequently circulated titles)

Hidden Gems                  (Titles off the beaten path)

Recently Returned          (The titles most recently returned from patrons)

Just Added                     (The newest titles added to the library’s collection)

Title Information

As you place your cursor over a title of interest a mouse-over popup appears. This popup displays:

  1. Title
  2. Author (which is hyperlinked to execute a search of all titles in the library’s collection by that author, returned in List View)
  3. Average Star Ratings assigned to this title by readers at the library
  4. Publication Date (this is the date of publication for the digital edition of this title)
  5. Book Details link (clicking this hyperlink opens the Expanded Detail Page for this title)
  6. The number of copies of the title the library owns and how many are available to borrow.
  7. Available formats radio buttons (these display available formats for download based upon the library’s inventory)

Action Buttons

The title popup also presents a set of action buttons. When a copy of a title is available for checkout, the action buttons are:

  1. Add to Checkout List
  2. Checkout Now
  3. Add to Wish List
  4. Buy Now (the Buy Now button only appears if the library provides this ecommerce service to its patrons)

When no copies of the title are available for checkout, the action buttons are:

  1. Add to Holds Queue
  2. Add to Wish List
  3. Buy Now (the Buy Now button will only appear if the library provides this ecommerce service to its patrons)

Note – If you have not yet logged in with your library patron ID and PIN, you will be prompted to log in when you click any of the action buttons.

Add to Checkout List

  Clicking this button adds the title to My Checkout List. The quantity displayed in parentheses alongside the My Checkout List cart icon at the top of the page will update to show the total number of items on your Checkout List. You may navigate to your Checkout List by clicking on the text at the top of the page.

Remove from Checkout List

  Once an item has been added to My Checkout List, this button will change to read Remove from Checkout List. If the checkout process has not been completed, the title may be removed from the Checkout List by clicking this button.

Checkout Now

   Clicking this button initiates the checkout and download of the selected title, eliminating the intermediate step of visiting the Checkout List to complete checkout.

Add to Wish List

  The Wish List is a place where you can keep track of titles that you may want to check out at a later time. Once something has been placed in the Wish List, this button will change to Remove from Wish List. (More on Wish List functionality is in the Wish List help document.)

Blio Account ID


The first time you check out items from your library, you will be prompted to enter your Blio Account ID. This is the email + password combination you chose when you first activated the Blio reader on your reading device. After you enter this information the first time, it will be stored and associated with your library patron ID so that you will not need to enter your Blio ID on subsequent checkouts from the library. (You will be asked to confirm the stored Blio ID, or the ID to be used, at subsequent checkouts.). If you don’t yet have a Blio account, click the Create a New Blio Account option in the popup and fill out the short form to set the email address and password that will serve as your Blio Account ID. After a successful registration, you will receive a confirmation message and be prompted to now login to your Blio account. Upon successful checkout you will see the following message: You have successfully checked out the selected title.
Please click OK to navigate to your items on loan.
Click the OK button, and you will see your titles now on the Items on Loan list. On any device where you have the Blio reader installed, you may now open Blio and see your checked out items ready for download from the Book Vault.

Writing Reviews

Reader Reviews allow you to post comments about what you have read and to assign star ratings to those titles. Contributed reviews and aggregated star ratings display to other users at the library along with the title details.

Clicking the Write a Review link opens a popup window. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted for your patron ID and PIN to write a review.

The Reviews window displays the brief title detail on the left, along with the list of reviews posted by other patrons. The right side of the window displays the distribution of star ratings assigned to this title by other patrons, and the tool to assign your rating. Assign your star rating by clicking on the row of grey stars above the review box.

You may type your review, or copy and paste a review you have written elsewhere, into the blank review box. Reviews are limited to 1000 characters.

To post your review, click the Submit Review button at the bottom of the window. After your library has approved what you have submitted, your star rating and a link to your review will immediately appear in the list under Reader Reviews on the left. Clicking on any item in the Reviews list will open the full review in the area on the right.

Click the red X (upper right) to close the Write a Review window. While writing a review, and before you click Submit Review, you may close the Reviews page via the red X and your star rating and review will not be saved.


Downloading in Axis 360

Ebooks in Blio Format

When you present your Blio ID during the checkout process on Axis 360, borrowed items are delivered to your Blio Book Vault and are ready for download to any device on which Blio ereader is installed.

If you do not have Blio ereader installed, please visit the following page to review the system requirements and download the version appropriate for your device:

To download your borrowed library material to your device, open the Blio ereader application and synch with the Book Vault. Any new items checked out to your Blio ID will download to your device. That’s all there is to it!

Ebooks in Adobe Format

When you download ebooks Adobe format the titles go into your Adobe Digital Editions software on your computer.  Plug in your ereader device to your computer and transfer the title over.


Several factors can affect the time it takes to download items to your Blio ereader application. If you experience lengthy wait times in downloading an item to your ereader, please check the following:

  • Wi-Fi vs. 3G – Wireless carriers may limit the file size that they allow to be downloaded on their networks. File size download limitations vary by network carrier. Whenever possible, we recommend you use a Wi-Fi connection when downloading.
  • File Size The size of the ebook file will affect the time required to download that item. Larger ebook files – those that include many illustrations, photos, diagrams, etc. or those with embedded audio and video elements -- may take longer to download.
  • Network Speed and Traffic The capacity of the network you are using to connect to the service, the strength of signal to your device, and the number of users sharing that connection will affect the rate at which items download. Peak usage times, when many users are placing demand on network capacity, may result in slower download times or download failure in extreme cases.
  • Your Device and Operating System - Your device's processor speed (CPU), memory (RAM), operating system, and your browser all affect how fast your device performs. File download time to devices with different configurations will depend on your device’s particular specifications.
  • Applications Running Concurrently – If you have applications open and running at the same time, your devices resources are being shared across all the running processes.

We recommend closing other applications running on your device to optimize resources available for your ebook download.

  • Auto-Download vs. Manual Download – Android and iOS versions of the Blio ereader allow the user to set on option on their device to automatically download new checkouts or purchases. With this option enabled, your device will automatically detect that there is new content available for you, and initiate the download(s) to your Book Shelf. You may prefer to set your device to manual download, and manage the transfer of files singly. Please see the Settings screen within our Blio ereader to configure Auto-Downloading.

Wish List

The Wish List is where you may keep track of titles of interest that you have found while searching or browsing the library’s digital collection, which can be stored as reminders of items you may want to check out at a later date. Wish List contents are tied to your user login and therefore remain saved to that login until removed. If you log out from the website your Wish List will no longer be visible, but the titles within the list itself are maintained. There is no limit on the number of items you can add, or how long a title may remain in your Wish List.

Navigating to the Wish List

Click the My Lists link at the top right of any page. On the My Lists page, in the left-hand pane, select Wish List. This brings the Wish List into the main viewing section of the page, along with individual title detail. The upper right corner of the gray section of the screen will also now be displaying the number of titles in your Wish List.

Adding a title to your Wish List is a simple process. You may choose to add a title from any of several places:

  1. The Magic Wall - When you mouse over a title on the Magic Wall, a popup appears and within this popup you can click the Add to Wish List button near the lower right corner of the window. For more detail on this see the Title Popup Window section of the Magic Wall help document
  1. Extended Detail Page - From the Extended Detail Page, click the Add to Wish List button near the lower right corner of the title window. For more information on the Extended Detail Page, see the Title Details help document.
  1. Title Lists – Wherever the results of a search or browse by subject action are displayed, the highlighted title shown in the right-hand pane contains title action buttons. Click the Add to Wish List button in the lower right area. For more details, see the Search and Find Books help document.
  1. From your Checkout List - When on the my Checkout List page, titles that are not in your Wish List will have the Add to Wish List button option. Click the Add to Wish List button just below the title. For more detail, see the Checkout help document.

Moving a Title from the Wish List

  1. Remove from Wish List – Once an item has been added to your Wish List, the action button below the title display changes to a Remove from Wish List button with a minus sign in it. Click this to remove a title from the Wish List. Once you click the button, the action is done and the back button does not restore it to the Wish List.
  1. Add to Checkout List – If you want to add a title that is on your Wish List to your Checkout List, click the Add to Checkout List action button in the title display. Note: Adding a title to your Checkout List does NOT remove it from your Wish List.