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Digital Downloads: Audiobooks

How to browse and download ebooks, audiobooks, music, and videos


Overdrive MP3 Audiobooks offer a wide range of compatibility including download to Windows and Mac computers, tranfer to most devices, and permission to burn to CD.

MP3 files are twice as large as WMA files. 

MP3 audiobooks are compatible with more devices and also play on Mac.


OverDrive WMA audiobooks are Windows formatted and can be downloaded to a Windows computer, as well as transferred to Windows formatted devices including the Apple iPod, and in some cases can be burned to CDs.

WMA files download and transfer more quickly than MP3 files. They are not compatible with all devices.

How To Download Audiobooks in the Digital Media Zone

 Overdrive Media Console  is free software that allows you to download and enjoy audiobooks on a computer or a mobile device. Navigate, play and bookmark titles, transfer to a compatible device in just a few clicks.

Audiobooks come in two formats:

MP3 Audiobooks and WMA Audiobooks

Which should you choose?  That depends on the computer or device that you plan to use to listen to the book.

MP3 audiobooks and WMA audiobooks differ in compatibility as well as file size.

OverDrive WMA Audiobooks:

  1. Download to:
    • Windows® computers.
  2. Transfer to:
    • Apple® devices (with publisher permission) from a Windows computer.
    • Portable devices that support DRM-protected WMA files.

OverDrive MP3 Audiobooks:

  1. Download to:
    • Windows computers.
    • Mac® computers.
    • Android™ devices.
    • Blackberry® devices.
    • iPhone® / iPad® / iPod touch® devices.
  2. Transfer to:
    • Apple devices from a Windows or Mac computer.
    • Most cell phones and PDAs.
    • MP3 players.

File size: Each part of an OverDrive WMA Audiobook is about half the file size of MP3. This means OverDrive WMA Audiobooks will download and transfer more quickly.