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Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Exam Program: Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam program

How to take computer classes, study for, and take the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exams at Huntsville Madison County Public Library

Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft offers a program of certification through its partner, Certiport. These certifications prove that those earning them have the skills to use almost any aspect of that program.

For example, someone with a certification in Excel 2010 would have proved that they have detailed knowledge of all aspects of Microsoft Excel 2010.

Certifications are rarely required by a job, but they do give an employer the assurance that the person with the certification has the knowledge to use the program right away, without additional lengthy training. Those with Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certifications have an enhanced ability to compete for jobs or pay levels because they can prove they already have the skills to be successful.

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Exams through Huntsville Madison County Public Library

Huntsville Madison County Public Library (the Library), with the generous assistance of Rep. Phil Williams and The Daniel Foundation, is making up to 100 Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams free to Madison County residents.

The program has several parts:

  • Free certification exams. Each exam allows one re-test, in the event the participant does not pass the exam the first time.
  • Free classes. The Computer Training Center of the Library offers free classes on a daily basis on many aspects of the computer, including Microsoft Office.
  • Free study materials. Materials published by Microsoft Press are available as reference books that can be checked out, and as ebooks available on the Library's Digital Media Zone website.
  • Free pre-testing. In order to take the certification exam, participants will be required to take and pass a short pre-test to ensure they are ready for the full exam.